• The Reincarnation of Red Plum (Trial)

    25.09.2020 to 26.12.2020, Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre

    2019 marks the 60th anniversary of the first performance of The Reincarnation of Red Plum – an adaption of the Ming dynasty legend The Story of Red Plum by the late Cantonese opera dramatist Tong Tik-sang. The piece was written for the Sin Fung Ming Opera Troupe, founded by renowned Cantonese opera artists Yam Kim-fai and Pak Suet-sin in 1956

    Past event
  • Musical Theatre Appreciation Series

    19.08.2020 to 30.09.2020

    In this series of three talks, award-winning composer and music director Cynthia Wong Chi-wing offers a short history of musical theatre, discusses iconic and upcoming UK and US productions, and looks at Hong Kong’s blossoming musical theatre scene

    Past event