In line with the Government's latest measures to address the current public health emergency, the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (the Authority) announced that the M+ Pavilion remains closed until 1 September 2020 (Tuesday), while the Art Park and certain facilities at the Xiqu Centre, Freespace remain open to the public. 

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The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (“Authority”) invites qualified Contractors to submit Tenders for the provision of the design and installation of the District-wide Car Park Management System (CPMS) (“the Works”) for a number of designated Car Park venues located at the West Kowloon Cultural District (“WKCD”), namely the Interfacing Car Park (ICP), M+/P39B Car Park, P34B Car Park, Lyric Theatre Complex (LTC) Car Park and Hong Kong Palace Museum (HKPM) Car Park.

Two of these Car Park venues, the ICP and M+/P39B Car Parks are Core Works venues under the Contract and the three remaining Car Park venues, the P34B, LTC and HKPM Car Parks will be Option Works subject to exercise of the Option for these Works by the Authority.

Given the different construction phasing and implementation schedules of the facilities in the WKCD in the coming years, a District-wide Car Park Management System has to be developed in order to allow the Car Parks in the WKCD to operate as a whole and provide for the Car Parks in all the venues to be integrated and operated seamlessly as a single entity.

The Works shall be carried out in accordance with the Authority’s General Conditions of Contract for Term E & M Works.  The Scope of the Works to be carried out under this Contract shall comprise the provision of a District-wide Car Park Management System to be installed at various designated locations as detailed above in the WKCD consisting of the following facilities and equipment: 

  1. Computer terminals, consoles and equipment for the Car Park Management Offices to be installed at the designated car park control rooms in the WKCD;
  2. Car Park Management System computer software for the control and operation of the car park, including car park guidance and searching system and system upgrading and updating as required during the performance of the Contract;
  3. Provision and installation of the car park access control system, including provision for CCTV licence plate recognition system and barrier gates;
  4. Provision of sensors and cameras for monitoring the use of individual carpark spaces;
  5. Electrical and non-electrical signage;
  6. Safety facilities and accessories, including speed bumps, traffic convex mirrors, steel safety poles, headroom bars and motorcycle ground anchors;
  7. Accessory cones;
  8. Full testing and commissioning of all car park installations and systems including staff training; and
  9. Subject to the Authority exercising the Option Item for the provision of extended Maintenance Services under a separate Maintenance Agreement with the Contractor in the terms specified in the Contract, for provision of up to 60 months extended maintenance services for the future operation of the car park facilities on a venue by venue basis after satisfactory completion of the relevant car park installation Works and DLP for each venue. 

The Contractor appointed will have to work closely with the Authority, its consultants and contractors and other concerned parties over an extended period of approximately four to five years to design and implement the District-wide Car Park Management System for the Authority in the designated car park venues on time, within budget and to the agreed safety and quality standards.

The Works for each car park venue are to be issued and executed under separate Works Orders and the tentative date for the issue of the first Works Order for the first venue, the ICP Car Park is around Q3/Q4 2018.

Collection and Submission of Tenders:
Interested parties are required to express their interest to the Authority by email to the following address providing their company name, address, contact telephone number, name and position of their contact person.

Only parties who have expressed their interest in providing the Works may COLLECT the Tender Documents (in the form of a CD-ROM) from the reception counter of the Authority’s Project Site Office on or after 24 August 2018.

Tender submissions must be deposited into the Authority’s Tender Box at Units 608-613, Level 6, Core C, Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong at or before Hong Kong time 12:00 noon on 21 September 2018. ELECTRONIC OR LATE SUBMISSION OF TENDERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. ANY PARTIES WHO HAVE NOT EXPRESSED THEIR INTEREST AND COLLECTED THE TENDER DOCUMENTS WILL NOT BE QUALIFIED TO SUBMIT A TENDER IN RESPONSE TO THE TENDER DOCUMENTS.

Tenderers should be aware that a tender briefing will be held tentatively on 31 August 2018 and requests for clarification of the Tender, if any, must be submitted by email to the following address on or before Hong Kong Time 12:00 noon on 7 September 2018. Verbal and late enquires will not be entertained.

For enquiries, please contact Mr. Alfred Luk or Ms. Eva Chau at:

Project Control Department
West Kowloon Cultural District Authority
West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade Site Office  
Short Term Tenancy No. (KX2844)
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Telephone No.: (852) 2200 0700
Fax No.:           (852) 2895 0016

Tenderers are required to:- 

  1. have the availability to provide suitable qualified local support and personnel during the extended project period for this Contract;
  2. be able to demonstrate that they have successfully undertaken similar Works for large scale Car Park Management Systems (CPMS) and CPMS integration in Hong Kong and/or the wider region within the past ten years;
  3. have the ability and experience to undertake Works for the design and installation of large scale CPMS integration projects;
  4. have quality CPMS methodology for CPMS implementation and integration;
  5. have a definite work plan and resources commitment to deliver the Works within the expected time frame.

All costs and expenses incurred for or in connection with any response to this invitation, including the preparation and/ or submission of the Tender, shall be entirely the responsibility of the interested parties.

The Authority is not bound to accept the lowest Tender or the Tender with the highest overall mark or any Tender and reserves the right to negotiate with any Tenderer. The Authority reserves the right to accept the Tender which the Authority at its sole discretion considers being the most advantageous to the Authority.